Weekly MUT Update

I laid off MUT for much of last week in favor of some other neglected games, but did get in a game yesterday. While I will never be rich (in terms of in-game coins) my team is now in pretty decent shape. I have several contracts expiring in 2-3 games, but nothing too serious. In fact, once I get another pack of cards, I will sell/exchange a few of these. I’ll do what I can to keep the Gold cards, but I am also not at all against flipping them in the auction house.

Thanks to the free Brees card, my team now has a healthy 80 rating, but at just below 50, my chemistry sucks. After a few card sells last week and yesterday’s win, I now have enough coins to buy a Silver pack.

This week I will probably concentrate on team chemistry. I do not really want to build my team around Brees or Saints cards, but the reality is that Brees and Chris Johnson are my best players. Doubt I will sell them until I have something of equal value at the QB and HB positions, but this is the enjoyable part of the game. My first step was to get to a point where I could sustain my team. I think I am there, or almost there; I could see having to infuse my team with another pack of cards (i.e. spending real money). The next step is to actually build a team. MUT is sort of like fantasy football console style.


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