HVB Follies

I have spent a lot of time with HVB over the last three days, but my online record does not show any positive results. In fact, I think I am getting worse. I’m currently on a seven game losing streak, and adding insult to injury my disconnect score took a hit yesterday when my internet connection decided to get a little flaky. That sucked because my previous forfeit rate was a pristine 0%.

My rating has plummeted over the weekend from 1400-ish to just below 1200 or so, which seemingly puts the 1600+ Bronze trophy far out of reach. A low ranking is to be expected if I only average 1.5 strikes per game, and typically score around 125 per game. Ouch.

Even if I am playing poorly, HVB is a lot of fun and highly addicting. I actually play like I bowl (I suck in real life too), which is part of the problem. I know you could probably just sit down and go through the motions, but that would not be very fun. I think I am steadily improving; I probably need to play more off line, pick up some of the other characters and balls to see if I can find a combination that better suits my playing style.

From my vantage point, HVB is a must have PSN title. It has all the elements you expect in a good game – it is fun, offers a challenge, you can steadily improve as you practice with the game, and it has some decent trophies. In fact, if you are a trophy whore, there are a few that are easy to pick up. A Bronze trophy is awarded during online play for any of the following: Play 3 Games, 1 Win, 10 Strikes, 15 Spares, and 500 Pins. Some of the others are out of my reach right now – 25 Wins (Silver), 75 Strikes (Silver), Score 250 (silver), and 150 Strikes (Gold). I will probably get 5000 Pins (Silver) by attrition – call this one a lifetime achievement trophy.


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