Sunday Morning Humor – PixelJunk Shooter and Bayonetta Take Center Stage

Somewhere between the Rolex 24, a second cup of coffee, and random (legitimate) internetting [damn, I thought I made that one up] I came across this PixelJunk Shooter review courtesy of Golgotron. This is hilarious; reminds me of the Sports Reviewers heydays.

Keeping with Golgotron, I figured there must be some other nuggets of goodness to be found on this site; I found this Wonder Twins team up from Sega and Playboy. Yes, I give you Bayonetta.

Push yourself past the apparent fact that the girls used for Playboy’s Bayonetta lookalike contest are straight out of the trailer park (I know it’s hard, but try). Instead, ask yourself this: Did Sega pay to have this content produced as a means of disguised advertising, or is this collaboration between Sega and Playboy a pro bono job? Comment away.

Classic! I had no idea WTF a Bayonetta was (or is, or whatever) until I found this article and quickly headed over to metacritic to check out some reviews. I always find it interesting when there is a wide discrepancy in the review scores (87 – based on 50 critic review) and user votes (7.2 – based on 36 user votes). Maybe it has something to do with pro bono jobs?


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