When PSN Games Fade Away

I was cruising around N4G this morning I came across this article for Calling All Cars. Apparently as of Jan 14, Sony no longer hosts the game on its servers. The article shows that the game is still playable, as long as you (or a friend) hosts the game.

My concern is that folks that paid for the game were not told up front that their online experience would fade away after a certain period of time. Granted, I got the game for free as part of a Qore episode/subscription, have not played the game in a while, and am not all that bent out of shape about the game fading away. Of course that is beside the point. Since I do not have any skin in this one, it only bothers me enough to write a short rant, but what happens when a game I care about disappears?

I think Sony needs to keep hosting these games for the life of the PS3, or Sony needs to offer some sort of voucher (for those that paid for the game) for a replacement game as PSN content is discontinued.


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