Thanksgiving Football – No NFL Network

I wish the NFL Network and the various cable companies would kiss and make up. Can’t we all just get along? It seems like there would be enough money to be made to keep everyone happy.

I am not sure who is really to blame. In my case it is either Charter or the NFL Network, but I tend to side with Charter on this one. I am already paying high enough prices as it is, so adding an additional fee (assuming Charter and the NFL Network could reach some sort of agreement) is not very appealing. As I understand it, the NFL Network does not want their fledgling channel to be part of some sort of premium package, but the cable companies think the NFL Network fee is just too high to absorb the channel into their various packages.

Oh well, I guess a lot of NFL fans will not get to watch the best matchup of the day – New York Giants at Denver. I will be pulling for Denver, to help out the Falcons, but I will be watching Texas Hook the Aggies!


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