Congratulations JPM

Funny how this works. I thought Montoya was balls out brilliant in CART, and I thought his 2000 Indy 500 win was remarkable. I did not care much for Montoya when he was in F1, but I have been pulling for him since he announced that he was going to run in NASCAR. Today Montoya picked up his first Nextel Cup victory at Sonoma. I wonder if NASCAR is going to be able to capitalize on JPM; should be a good marketing opportunity. Of course, listening to his interview in victory lane made me think that some NASCAR old timers are probably none too pleased. That makes his victory even sweeter.

Speaking of cheating, had an interesting article on how to stop cheating in NASCAR. The author thinks that the probable punishments for Gordon and Johnson are not enough of a deterrent to stop cheating once and for all. I have my own opinions on the subject of cheating in NASCAR, but it is bed time for me, so no commentary tonight.


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