Demon’s Souls

I did something a little uncharacteristic. Something a little out of the ordinary. Dare I say impulsive. For the first time in a long time I actually saw an ad for a game I knew nothing about, and ended up doing the preorder thing from Amazon.

I am not sure where I first came across Atlus Games’ Demon’s Souls earlier today, but I saw an ad, checked out the site, and then headed to metacritic. The game sounded interesting, the propaganda hooked me, and the reviews convinced me that I should give this one a go.

This review from Ace Gamez gives, which gives Demon’s Souls 10 out of 10, pretty much convinced me that I should pre order the game.

Completion of the first level also pries open four additional worlds, each broken down into four or five individual stages, and it is then that Demon’s Souls’ design genius first hits home. It’s more open ended than open world, but nonetheless the options are rife. Suddenly there are five unique worlds to explore at your own pace, each more challenging than the last. Stonefang Tunnel, a dwarven mine now corrupted with lizardmen, taunts you deeper into its fiery depths, culminating in a set piece battle with the Dragon God demon. The more sinister Tower of Latria, on the other hand, is a jail populated by octopus-headed illithids which not only sound the part, with shiver-inducing bells that ring as they walk and cast spells, but also prove particularly challenging to overcome. Stuck on a particular stage? Cut your losses and try another world. Each will take many attempts and repetition is unavoidable, but the solid level design, varied and challenging enemies and the overarching freedom to dabble where you will cleverly alleviates any monotony.

I decided to go with the Deluxe Edition, and Amazon is offering the FREE Release-Date Delivery option, which means I get this puppy October 6.


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