Get Away Day

I wanted to get a quick post in before I head to the sunny beaches of Florida’s Gulf coast because Coach Cox has been congratulated for the last five days!

When I travel I always pack my PSP, so this trip in not an exception.  It will be interesting to see if I get any use out of the system.  I noticed that a PSP version of NCAA Football is not scheduled for release this summer, which is a bummer.  I wonder if EA figured sales sucked last year, so why bother this year.  Then again everyone was pissed off about the running bug, so chicken or the egg I guess.

I am on the bad half of 35, so everything is starting to break down.  Been out of work the last two days due to some, shall we say, issues.  Speaking of breaking, Tonya’s Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop simply sucks.  The display is having all sorts of issues, and we recently had to replace the battery because it would no longer hold a charge.  I will have to write about Dell’s support, because my adventure ordering a battery was a huge ordeal.  Also breaking this week was the transmission on Tonya’s Chrysler Voyager minivan.  We are talking about a 2002 car with just under 60K miles.  And people wonder why Americans are not buying American cars.


7 thoughts on “Get Away Day”

  1. I am on the bad half of 37 and know what your talking about.

    I am really enjoying my psp lately due to these titles:

    Formula One 06 imported it and was pleasantly surprised. The new qualifying rules are fun and the 5 year career mode is great.

    Virtua Tennis 3 really fun game with a reasonably challenging career mode.

    MLB 07 The Show Road to the Show mode is addictive, and I like this better than the ps2 version.

    Sid Meirs Pirates Just plain what happened to the past two hours fun.

  2. My name is Brad and I work at Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, TX. I came across your blog and saw that you described an issue with a Dell system. Please contact me back at the email address below and I will help you in any way that I can.

    Dell Customer Advocate

  3. wpw721 – I have read some decent info on Sid Meirs Pirates. If you happen to see this reply, how is the AI in Formula One 06? Can you actually run a full race or does the game use a certain % of laps vs real life?

  4. For those keeping score at home, I just sent Brad an email. I have yet to post about my experiences with Dell’s online chat support (you can only imagine how bad it was). You have to like the power of blogs; fairly random for someone at Dell to pick up on my frustrations when I have not even gone into full vent mode (yet).

  5. The AI seems fine to me, and yes you can run full race distance. I have always enjoyed games like TOCA and F1 2006 is around the same level.
    The only problems I have seen are Ferrari and Renault don’t win every race, and I can finish higher than I should in a Super Aguri car.

  6. wpw721 – I may have to import F1 2006 or at least pick it up the next time I am in the UK.

    “The only problems I have seen are Ferrari and Renault don’t win every race, and I can finish higher than I should in a Super Aguri car.” – Seems like this is usually a problem in most F1 games (at least the ones I have played on the PSX and PS2).

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