And then there is Olivia Munn.

Why not start off the day with a couple of T&A type posts. Unlike the Erin Andrews story, at least this one from DualShockers titled Olivia Munn Breaking Gamer Stereotypes has a videogame tie-in. After all it is over 800 degrees at N4G. That speaks volumes for the hornyness of male gamers.

Not only did Olivia prove that she could grab the cover while staying classy and not revealing everything, she also showed that gamers are infiltrating all kinds of mediums, even Playboy! This is not only a hot photo shoot but also a great step forward for the image of all gamers.

I am taking a lot of this out of context. The author is trying to say that the stereotypical image of gamers has changed, and now it is changing more thanks to Olivia Munn’s non nude pictorial shoot in the most recent PlayBoy.

I cannot agree with this assessment. I am a semi infrequent Attack of the Show fan; I watch it occasionally, and it is nice seeing some eye candy. That is really as far as this goes. I do not believe that Munn is breaking down stereotypes, instead she is just giving everyone a little T&A. She may be a “girl gamer” (a term which I despise), but showing up in PlayBoy hardly makes a “great step forward for the image of all gamers.”

Hopefully I have missed the point and the article went over my head.


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