Erin Andrews story takes a twist.

When the story first broke that someone taped Mrs. Andrews naked as a jaybird in her hotel room I wondered what the world was coming to. Then I did a google image search. Hey, I’m human.

At least I did not look for the video. According to FoxNews, someone looking for the full peephole video may get more than they bargained for …

Crafty hackers have created a fake CNN Web page housing what purports to be the video of the glamorous sports reporter undressing — but when you click on it, you’re asked to download a specialized video player, which is full of digital nastiness to infect your computer.

Macintosh users are not immune to this one — in fact, the hacker software detects what kind of computer you’re using and dumps an even nastier Trojan horse onto Macs than it does PCs.

You have been warned.


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