PS3 HDD upgrade in the works.

I finally decided that it was time for a PS3 HDD upgrade. As I wrote a few days ago, my 60GB PS3 HDD is full, and I am less than satisfied. It is not like I have a ton of games, demos, and content. I have been struggling to regain space by removing demos and videos. I am now down to 3-4 demos, some games that I purchased from the PlayStation Store, and all thirteen Qore episodes. A 60GB HDD is just not going to cut it.

I did manage to get to about 7GB of free space by removing some old game saves. There is no longer any reason to keep around several versions of Madden, NCAA Football, and MLB game data. It looks like one of the biggest space hogs is Elder Scrolls save data.

I am going to follow the upgrade instructions listed here after I receive my new HDD and USB HDD. For this project I decided to try a Western Digital 250GB drive. It looks like the key to PS3 capability is a 5400 RPM Sata 2.5 inch notebook HDD. I picked this one up from Amazon for $59.99. To backup the PS3 and some my laptop’s media (data files, iTunes music, pictures, etc) I went with a 320GB Western Digital My Passport USB HDD from Amazon for $89.99. I figure this will be enough to backup my new PS3 HDD and then some.

The new PS3 HDD and Passport should be here Wednesday thanks to second day Amazon Prime shipping. The upgrade article says that replacing the PS3 HDD will take all of 10 mins. I will of course report back here and post the results.


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