Wednesday night gaming update.

Because everyone needs a hump day dose of gaming goodness …

Slow go on PS3 HDD upgrad
I got my new 250GB HDD and the USB 350GB My Passport drive today, so I figured I would give the upgrade a go tonight. It turns out that the actual upgrade may only take 10 minutes, but the PS3 backup takes forever and a day. I am upgrading because my PS3 original system 60GB HDD is all but full. After plugging in the USB drive, I selected the backup option (full data; not selective files). As I write this, the PS3 progress bar shows 3% or about 1 hr and 20 minutes remaining. Good grief! I hope the backup program actually backs up everything; I would hate to have to re-download all my games, Qore episodes, and Shakira video.

Remote Play update
Remote Play, at least the connectivity part, is holding up well. No random start-ups and eventual disabling on internet mode. That is the good news. The bad news is that the lag makes menu navigation very much hit or miss. My PS3 also seems to be struggling to play PlayStation (PSX) games, which would make this feature rather worthless to me. The main reason I want Remote Play to work is to get some use out of some of my older PSX games.

The lag is probably due to not getting on a great wireless connection, but I still think my PS3 is slower in wireless mode compared to my laptop. The PSX game issues probably have nothing to do with Remote Play. Instead the issues are probably more repercussions of my two-year-old son inserting three games into the PS3.

In general Remote Play seems to be poorly conceived and under supported. Of the games I have, I can play PixelJunk Monsters, PixelJunk Eden, and High Stakes Poker. That is pretty much it. Looking at The Unofficial PS3/PSP Remote Play Compatibility Thread Lego Batman may be my only hope at a decent Remote Play title. I am sure it would be too much to ask to make more games Remote Play compatible, but going forward, it is time for Sony to start supporting Remote Play or discontinue it as a supported option.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf a no show from Amazon
Unbelievable. Amazon is now showing Pangya as being available June 26. This may be the last time I preorder from Amazon.


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