Freedom from choice.

Last week the local Fox affiliate decided not to carry the new Osbournes Reloaded reality show. Apparently it does not fit the moral decency standards of the local community. Not that I had any intentions of watching the show, but I just love it when someone decides for me that something is not fit for my viewing pleasure.

I was trying to get my video game jones moving in the right direction this morning, so I took a look at the latest news and came across this strange article about the UK attempting to ban Rapelay.

It’s easy to be offended by a game whose concept revolves around raping a family of women, one of them being much below the age of consent. But the controversy and subsequent banning of Rapelay is especially ironic when you take into consideration the amount of explicit “fantasy” material that actually reaches the mainstream.

Do I agree with this sort of game? Nope. Would I let my kids play it? Nope. Does it need to be banned to protect me? Nope.

Of course there are deeper issues than just banning Rapelay. Some things are taboo (or at least should be), but video games are held to a higher standard of moral judgment than other forms of media. Playboy is considered appropriate if you are 18 or older, but the same sort of content (i.e. pictures of T&A) are not suitable for a video game. Why? Once again, as an adult, I do not need someone deciding if I should or should not purchase a video game with “adult” content, but I will make the decision for my children. That is not only my right as a parent, but my duty and obligation.

If Rapelay were a movie, it would be controversial, but surely not banned. Released as a game, all hell breaks loose.

Let me be clear, violence against women should not be tolerated. If that is what you think I am suggesting, you missed the point. I just do not need the government, or TV station to decide for me what is morally acceptable.


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