NHL EHM 2007

I missed this last week, but Sports Interactive announced the new features for NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007. The real-time 2D engine caught my eye. It looks like one of those table top hockey games of yester-year. I like it.

I just love how the rest of the world believes PC gaming is dead. Wolverine Studios released the first ever PGA Tour-like career text-game last week. There are three serious contenders in the text-baseball world for career baseball fans. Sports Interactive has their classic soccer game and now NHL EHM is moving on up to the Eastside (my “Jeffersons” reference for the day) as a polished product.

Throw in a little World of Warcraft time and who needs a console?!

If only SI would make all of their products online gaming friendly. I’d love to play NHL EHM in an OOTPB-like online league.


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