Dale Murphy for Hall of Fame?

Maybe I should start some sort of petition. Kind of something useful instead of my usual crap. How the heck is Dale Murphy not even being considered for the baseball Hall of Fame?

Two Most Valuable Player Awards. Five Gold Gloves. Four Silver Sluggers. Seven All-Star Games. Seven seasons with 30-plus home runs, and 398 homers in his career (which ranks 46th all-time). A six-season span (1982-87) in which he averaged 36 home runs and 105 RBI.

In this day and age of over inflated stats, you know that Murph was about as wholesome as milk and apple pie. Call it the end of the age of innocence. The virgin slugger; no steroids here. It is a f’ing shame and disgrace that the great Dale Murphy is not anywhere near 75% of “worthiness” needed to get into the Hall of Fame.

Shame on the Hall voters. They need to get a f’ing clue!


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