Friday Morning Bliss

Dan Post BootsYesterday was one of those rough ones. You know the kind of workday where you come in early, leave late, see oh so little light at the end of the tunnel, but finally get some closure to the day so you can go home to your sleeping family kind of days? One of those types of days that always seems to come up when a new game ripe for impressions sits around collecting dust kind of days? Need a stiff drink and a strong upper lip, chin up type of days?

Ah, it’s not all the bad. Some people can not put food on the table or fill up their cars with gas. Or their health sucks. Or maybe their kids are in the Middle East fighting for our freedom (or maybe even gave up their life in our defense).

OK, enough doom and gloom. When I got home from work last night my new Dan Post boots were waiting on me, along with a nice Maker’s Mark, and some Olympic action on NBC. Good times at last!

I hope to get in some more Madden and Head Coach talk over the weekend. Lots of stuff going on, but I am sure Saturday and Sunday will see a post or two.  First Falcons game (vs. Colts) is Saturday night, and I will be in Texas for a few days early next week.

BTW, nice upwards spike in readers this week, mostly checking out my bitching around the NCAA Football 09 patch mess. Thanks to my longtime readers, and hope you new ones stick around for more of the needful.


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