Weekend Stuff – The BIG Update

You didn’t ask for it, but you are getting it anyway. Without further ado, welcome to your whirlwind tour of stuffs for your reading pleasure.

Final Bowl Record
My final Bowl record (against the spread mind you) was a respectable 19-12, good for 61%. It is never a good thing when the Gators win, but I love it when I am right. Last Wednesday I said

“Gators are the pick. This one will be close, but in the end Gators will pull out a 9-13 point margin of victory.”

’nuff said; time to be moving along …

Pac-10 better than all the rest.
Who would have guessed that the Pac-10 would be perfect? During “Bowl Season” I think USC would have kicked the pants off of any team in the country. As much as I think Texas got screwed, I doubt they would have beat Florida or USC, but we will never know because Big Boy football continues to be f’ed-up without a playoff system.

Conferences of note, Pac-10 (5-0), SEC (6-2), Big 12 (4-3), ACC (4-6), Big Ten (1-6). [Source NBC Sports]

The ACC had more teams (10) than any other conference and they posted a piss poor .400%. What about the Big Ten? Can we all finally agree that this conference is over rated, over hyped, over exposed, and just plain out sucks? Good grief!

Falcons season tickets still not selling?
As I wrote early last year, I was tickled pink when I got a call that my name came up on the Falcons Season Ticket Waiting List. Me about 20K others, but I still considered myself special.

First the Falcons asked everyone to pony up money for their tickets by December 30, and oh by the way, if you pay now, we will not raise your ticket prices. Then they extended the deadline to January 30 “due to sensitivity to the economy.” Could it be that the Falcons just cannot give seats away?

Hopefully their loss will once again be my gain. I put in a relocation request to see if I could move a little deeper in the corner, towards the Falcons sideline, or maybe even one level down. Have some money tucked away because these seats will be more that $25 a pop. Either way, I plan to re-up for next year.

Falcons 2009 Schedule
Thanks to having a winning record, making the playoffs, and playing in the oh so tough NFL South, the Falcons are going to have an interesting schedule next year.

Home games include: Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Carolina, Philadelphia, Washington, Buffalo, Miami, and Chicago.

Away games include: Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Carolina, Dallas, NY Giants, New England, NY Jets, and San Francisco.

The Falcons front off brass is going to have a good time trying to figure out how to post back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. Yes, you read that right, and this should be priority one so we can get this monkey off our collective backs once and for all.

OK, I think that is enough for now, and I guess this update was not necessarily so BIG but it was a catchy title. And before you ask WTF happened to the old gaming blog, I am not really sure. These days I get more entertainment writing about sports (especially the Falcons, UGA, and Braves) and airguns.

Happy Saturday!


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