Goodell hands Vick a serious setback.

It is hard for me to argue in favor of Vick because what Vick did was wrong. Vick is now a convicted felon, he needs to get his life back together, and playing in the NFL is not some sort of inalienable right. With that said, as I wrote over the weekend, Vick has already paid a hard price. He did not deserve to be suspended on top of serving jail time. As ESPN columnist Howard Bryant wrote, Vick just got treated unfairly.

But on this day, Goodell certainly deserves no thanks from Vick, as the commissioner did nothing compassionate or lenient or even proper. A man just spent two years in a federal penitentiary, but for Goodell — the commissioner of a sport in which a grown man runs around with a ball until someone else tackles him to the ground — doing real, hard time wasn’t enough.

Goodell had to show how tough he is by piling on, to remind everyone who wears the pads and makes the game what it is just who the real boss is.

I really do not know what else to say about this story. I am not here to argue the case for Vick being the same one man show he was before he was incarcerated, but I am here to set the record straight. Goodell just committed a travesty by suspending Vick.


2 thoughts on “Goodell hands Vick a serious setback.”

  1. On SportsCenter, one guy said if he’s on good behavior, maybe around week 1 or 2, Goodell may say he can come back a few games early.

    But the gist of the announcement is that he has to behave and then maybe he will be allowed to come back after week 6.

    Perhaps in crafting this, he had an inkling that there were teams which would be interested but only if he can participate in training camp and practice throughout.

    Otherwise, he could just have said he’s not eligible to join a team and participate in any activities until week 6 or whatever. That would be pretty much writing off this season for him.

    Still, are there teams willing to use up a roster spot for a player who may not play until week 6? Maybe it will take at least that long for him to get back into football shape and learn a new offense.

  2. I could have done another summary – give Vick conditional reinstatement without a suspension. The conditional part can be good behavior, drug testing, whatever. The suspension sucks because it may keep teams from signing him and I believe Vick has been punished enough.

    With that said, regardless of his football shape, will a team take a chance on Vick? It will all come down to $ and sponsors. If a strong owner can work with corporate sponsors, Vick will get a second chance. If not, well, we will have to see what is next.

    I wish the man well.

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