Beeman R7 Shows its True Colors.

First of all, don’t click on the links if you do not want to see some graphic depictions of squirrels meeting their end at the hands of my R7.

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way. My R7 is .177, and I was shooting with Gamo Master Point pellets (7.87 gr). The R7 carries a Leapers 6×32 Bug Buster 2, mounted via B-Square (25020) mounts. Sighted in at 17 yards; normal shooting distance is 15-20 yards.

My over/under for the weekend was 3 tree rats. Let the fun begin.

Earlier in the day I had a chance at 3 of the varmints, but there was no point. I did not have clean shots, and these guys were not really bothering anything. At least not yet.

Before the Georgia game I decided to see if things hand changed, and they had. I ended up with a couple of worthy shots. The first one was fairly easy and straight forward, while the second one was really a traffic shot. I am biased, but it took a steady hand, and perfect placement to pull it off.

Was the R7 up to the challenge? You bet!

Squirrel number one was about 15 yards off. The pictures are a little washed out, but Mr. Squirrel took a Master Point in the left ear, and amazingly it exited out of its left hind leg. It took him about 15 seconds to expire, but the hit was about as clean as they come.

Squirrel number two was about 10 yards off, but a good 30-40 feet in the pecan tree. There was a soft 5-7 mph wind, but enough to make me concerned about shooting through the shifting leaves. Ms. Squirrel was hugging a big branch; I guess she sensed that she was being watched in my scope. Steady, aim, fire. She fell like a rock without a twitch.

Links to pictures follow. Remember these are fairly graphic (particularly Squirrel Number one). I am intentionally keeping these out of standard blog posts and the main page. I have never taken pictures of the results of my handy work, but figured I would give it a go. Enough of that; you have been warned.

I love my R7; it really is the perfect backyard shooter. My only problem with tree rats is shot placement. These pictures clearly demonstrate that shot placement matters. The R7 is up to the task if you do your part.


4 thoughts on “Beeman R7 Shows its True Colors.”

  1. Nice shooting. I have a tin of Crow Magnums, but I cannot shoot them consistently. My R7 is sighted in so well with Gamo Magnum and Master Point pellets that I am reluctant to try something different right now.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog and the post at SS on the R7. Outside of being a Bulldog fan you seem to be a good guy. I bleed purple and gold (LSU). I have an R7 in .20 on the way and can’t wait to get my hands on it. I currently have a RWS 52 in .177, RWS 350 in .22 and a Beeman HW97 in .20. I was wanting a lightweight plinker and I think the R7 will fill that role well. Keep up the blog. Go Tigers!


  3. James – Thanks for the kind words. I thought long and hard about going with a .20 R7, but decided that .177 was the best option at the time. Still am very much eager to try one in .20.

    Bulldogs/Tigers coming up in a few weeks.

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