Another slow news week.

I thought I would take a few minutes to apologize for the lack of posts. Hey, it happens. Real life (work, family, the good stuffs) always tends to get in the way of a good blog or two.

So where to next? I am not sure why, but I have had absolutely zero interest in gaming. Crickets since the release of Madden Special Edition. I would have been better off rolling a hundred for a smoke. Same for NCAA Football. I am sure the second patch (i.e. the gameplay patch) is out, but I have not bothered to look. Always peaks and valleys when it comes to gaming. Not sure if I have reached the bottom, but my guess is I still have a good ways to go because the season is turning, and I do not have any inclination to fire up the PS3.

Besides, football season is here, and the Falcons looked very good last weekend. Not sure what the actual attendance was. It seemed like no more than 50K were in the dome, but the game was a sellout thanks to some ATL sponsors picking up the remaining tickets to prevent a blackout. We all went nuts when Ryan threw a perfect slant to Jenkins for a 62 yard TD scamper on the third play of the game. Ryan’s first NFL pass for a TD. 7-0. We were excited. On the next series Turner burns the Lions for a 66 yard TD romp into the endzone. Are you kidding me? 14-0. We were really going nuts at that point. The Falcons third possession resulted in another Turner TD. 21-0? First quarter? Our Falcons? WTF. Beautiful stuff. That was a game to remember.

Tampa should be a better test. Two weeks from now is the next home game against the Chiefs. Hope to have a nice Weber Q Portable Grill may be in order; if gas prices do not spike unbelievably high in the wake of Ike.

Should be a good football day with Georgia looking to kick the fighting chickens in their collective ass. I hate the Gamecocks, but they have taken 2 of 3 from the Dawgs.

USC is going to kill Ohio St. with or without Wells. I say USC by 17 running away easily. Hopefully the blowout will be so bad that the Buckeyes will not enter back into the Championship picture, even if they manage to run the table the rest of the way.

As I said, the season is changing, which means more time outdoors. Of course that means the R7 is getting plenty of attention. I have a Beeman R1 .22 on order from Straight Shooters; they have excellent service. Highly recommended. A review will be forthcoming. Expect to see plenty of airgun posts over the next few weeks. You have been warned.

All for now. Happy Saturday!


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