Olympic Stuff

I have not really been too inspired to watch must of this year’s Olympics.  I have seen a few random sports here and there – men’s swimming, a few minutes of men’s gymnastics, women’s field hockey, and woman’s handball.  I had no idea the last two were even sports.  Lacrosse is one thing, but field hockey?  I guess these are just not Southern traditions.

I also have seen some soccer here and there, including today’s US National men’s near miss (dare I say debacle) against the Netherlands.  Down 1-0, the US had two nice goals to pull ahead 2-1, but gave up a stupid penalty in extra time resulting in a disappointing 2-2 finish.  Oh well, so close, but so far away.

Now we have the first big test for the US men’s basketball team (vs. China).  First quarter has been very entertaining; I think much more so than a typical NBA game.

Not sure what else will catch my fancy, but NBC is throwing up enough coverage on multiple channels at all hours of the day to find something interesting.  The 12 hour time difference sucks, but NBC seems to be doing a decent job juggling the schedule to bring some quality events live in the early morning hours.


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