Matt Ryan makes his debut.

Atlanta FalconsWhile the Falcons took one on the chin last night, 17-20 at Jacksonville, there was encouragement. Matt Ryan was 9/15, for 113 yards, and 1 TD. He started off shaky, and at times his throws were a little off, Ryan managed to direct the offense fairly well.

Redman started, and did not look so hot, going 3/6 for 13 yards. Then Ryan entered, and while he did not knock everyone’s socks off, there is reason to believe (or at least hope) that he will be able to manage a game. Yes, this was a preseason game, but Ryan did get to go up against most of the Jaguars defensive starters.

The Falcons brass may decide to bring Ryan along slowly, but based on last night’s game, I expect that Ryan is going to get a lot of time in the next three games. After all, playing is the only way to learn. Cannot wait for next Saturday against the Colts. Should be fun!

Matt Ryan (vs. Jackson Aug 9, 2008)

Matt Ryan – looking good baby!

Other players of note, Turner had 22 yards on 5 attempts. I thought Snelling looked great – 32 yards on 4 attempts, and a nice 47 yard pickup on a screen. I hope Thomas Brown makes the team, but he looked so-so on kick returns. On defense, second round pick Curtis Lofton was all over the field.

It’s preseason, and I know the Falcons are not going to be all that good this year, but I am excited to get closer to the start of some football.

Go Falcons!


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