EA. PS3. Lemmings.

LemmingAccording to ps3fanboy, the PlayStation 3 is EA’s biggest source of income [starting in 2008 … financial data … all that jazz … link in the article referenced].

PS3: 139mln (13mln, 969%)
360: 81mln (47mln, 72%)
PS2: 79mln (61mln, 30%)
Wii: 57mln (29mln, 97%)

So what does this say about PS3 owners? Sorry. Could not really come up with anything clever other than lemming jokes.


One thought on “EA. PS3. Lemmings.”

  1. Well, look at it this way. EA has bought FIFA, NFL, and Nascar exclusives. If I recall way back to launch when I was looking for ps3 games, you had Motorstorm or EA sports. This is more of a testament to the ratio of games EA was involved with to total games on ps3. I hate EA, but their policy of using developers from Madden on to the Orange Box on to Army of Two on to Facebreaker, so on, has ended with EA having a larger lineup of games than even Sony itself has put out. With so few games out, more people are willing to put up with the crapware and “pay 60 bucks to beta test for us please” bs because honestly, I’d rather have NCAA 09 even with your bad reveiws than Haze. I have Soul Calibur, COD4, GH3, and the Orange Box currently. SSHD, Pain, Warhawk, some bowling crap and the camera software from psn. Warhawk could’ve come from ea. I think the problem is truly industry wide, though. Even Halo 3 plays like ass no matter what 360 fanboys say.

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