Rumble is back …

My new Dualshock 3 Sixaxis controller arrived today from I connected the controller to the PS3 USB cable (to charge it up) and started a game of Super Star Dust HD. Buzz. Buzz. Vibration is back. I then put MLB 08 in to give it a go with some RTTS action. Buzz. Buzz. At least on guessing a pitch.

I just put in F1 CE and I was immediately told that v1.10 was available, so I am waiting (no so patiently) while the patch is downloading. Not sure if anything else was done besides adding in Dualshock control.

It is a Sixaxis with some added buzz, so I am not sure what else I can write. The Dualshock 3 is heavier than the standard Sixaxis, so that is a big plus for me, but that is really just a personal preference; your mileage may vary. Time will tell if the battery life is significantly different than the Sixaxis.

The F1 CE v1.10 patch just finished downloading and installing in time for me to get in a few F1 comments for this post. It looks like vibration is only used under heavy breaking or acceleration when your tires may be spinning, and when you are almost over the edge when turning. So vibration during not so optimal tire wear conditions. Interestingly putting my car into a wall did not cause any controller vibrations, and running into another car did not cause the controller to shake, rattle, and role. I will have to spend more than a few minutes with the game to see if there are any options that I am missing, or if vibration is only used based on tire feedback.

My initial thoughts are that I have missed the Dualshock type controllers, but it is hard to say that the Dualshock 3 is worth $54.99. I doubt I can dump my Sixaxis controllers for more that $10 each.


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