PS3 Saturday

These days I do not seem to have enough time for gaming, but today has been a good PS3 day. First up was Super Stardust HD, which continues to be a great Playstation Store purchase. The game is just a bowl full of old fashion shooter goodness fun, and in co-op mode with the kids, it is great entertainment.

It is nice to see so many demos showing up on the Playstation Store. I download Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, which looks wonderful and after about 30 minutes with the game, it is now on my purchase radar. I have never played a Ratchet game, but this thing is fun, and looks great on my TV. I will probably sell a few games to raise some funds for the game, but I could see this game becoming a system seller for fans of the series. Probably a pack-in title for Fall ’08.

I am downloading the demo for FIFA 08 right now, and I plan to give the NBA and NHL demos a spin. I have never gotten into hockey games, but I keep reading great things about EA’s NHL 08. Sounds like the NBA games may not be worth a purchase (at least not at $60), but it is nice to be able to download demos and give them a whirl.

It looks likes I completely dropped the ball on Oblivion and did not time the price drop in conjunction with the release of the Oblivion Game of the Year Edition. Actually, I had no idea that a new version of Oblivion, complete with Shivering Isles, was scheduled to be released a few days ago. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is now priced at $29.99, which is an awesome deal; well worth your money if you are an RPG fan and have not played the PC or Xbox 360 versions. I have no idea if the Shivering Isles update/download is scheduled for release on the Playstation Store at some point down the road, but it would seem like a decent thing to do instead of making PS3 owners throw down another $60. Elder Scrolls IV is a great game, but as is so often the case these days, I never seem to have enough time to play. I am tempted to throw the game up on eBay to get something for it, and pick up the GOTY edition. The cheap ass gamer in me is screaming “No!” but something else keeps telling me that I should do the switch out even if it means that I am spending $90+ on the game (considering both versions and getting something in return for the original). Decisions, decisions, decisions.

A couple of threads at ps3forums about the GT5 Prologue Demo caught my eye:

This game looks amazing, but it is funny to read opinions at other sites because they seem to be all over the map. The Playstation brand has a huge Gran Turismo following; I wonder if this one is going to be enough to pick up PS3 sales. I am not sure if I am going to mess around with trying to setup a Japaneese account to get the download. I do not have enough time to play all the stuff mention above, so why force the issue.

Good gaming!


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