PSP Go Digital Pricing will Suck

So there you go; no real discounts for PSP Go early adapters. I missed this while on vacation, but just found the reference (via the PlayStation blog … bet they did not intend me to trash it in this way).

Sony will release a standard PlayStation Portable bundle on October 20 which will include a disc copy of Gran Turismo, the company announced.

The $199.99 package features a Mystic Silver PSP, the game, a downloadable movie voucher, 2GB memory stick and a voucher for 10 songs from Sony Music Pass.

Consumers can also purchase a standalone version of Gran Turismo on disc or through download on the PlayStation Network for $39.99. That version will release October 1, along with the revamped PSP go handheld.

I get it, but I do not really get it. I see this trend – no discount for digital only owners. I really thought Sony would see the light and offer some sort of discount for going digital, but that would be too much to ask.


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