Funny thing about sports games …

I have not had much time to play NCAA Football 08 today (I am only doing quick play and Campus Legend mode right now) , but I did finish out a week.  UGA improved to 2-2 with a nice 34-24 win over Alabama.  As the number three HB, I saw limited action, which brings me to the point of this post.

After the Bama game, I managed to move up to #2 on the depth charts, and if I had a decent set of practices, I would have been the starting HB for the Ole Miss game.  The funny thing about sports games is that this is completely unrealistic, but of course it is fun.  I assume most gamers would not want to ride the bench game after game, so EA had to do something (i.e. practices to move up the depth chart) to engage the casual fans.

It is really not that big a deal to me, and I would gladly have the developers implement a more realistic system if they actually used players similar to real life.  It is fairly typical for UGA to employ the third-string back more than I have been employed in the first four games.  In the end it does not matter, because I am second-string for game number five, and will be starting by game six.

As I said, it is not realistic, but it is fun, which is the reason I continue to play the game.


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  1. I really should pick up a football game now before Madden but I’ve been sucked into NCAA before only to be disappointed. It has the worst traits of EA football.

    Maybe if I was more into college football than pros.

    APF sounds interesting but not at $60.

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