Nurburgring Fun

I am not sure I have seen such a crazy start to a race. As I was waiting for the race to start, and the rain to come, I told myself “rain makes everything fun” and sure enough, things got crazy in a hurry. I am not sure I have ever seen 4-6 cars go off at the same point on the track. I remember Sao Paulo a few years back being so wet that a lot of cars (including one Michael Schumacher) went off, but I am not sure if it was anything like today’s Europe Grand Prix.

Poor Kimi got hosed trying to make his first stop. I am not sure if he was told to stay out, if he was going in too fast, or if missing a turn right before the pit gave him an “unfair” advantage. Or he just made a mistake; did not see a replay to see what really happened.  Either way, he lost his pole advantage, going from first to sitting at seventh waiting for the restart. Too bad because Hamilton is struggling (he was one of the ones to go off, but managed to keep the engine running) and this could be a good opportunity to make up some points.


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