Been Playing!

I’ve pretty much lumped people in two categories when it comes to playing computer games. There are those that write about them and there are those that play them. Sorry for my lack of posts, but I’ve been too busy playing games. I’ll stop by the Out of the Park Baseball forums every now and then, might visit the Front Office Football Central Forum to get a good laugh at whatever minutia those basement dwellers are arguing about, but otherwise it’s all about World of Warcraft and online OOTPB for me. I’m either doing raids with my new end game guild or I’m doing stuff with other online baseball fans.

Life is good!

I’ll finally purchase Baseball Mogul this week. I took the demo for a spin to get a feel for the game and now I want to see more. I kid the FOFC commandos, but I wonder why they haven’t taken a knife to BM 2008 the way they have OOTPB 2007? Surely it is worth the same detailed “it’s not modeling how Cy Young scratched his left testicle” examination that OOTPB 2007 is getting. Or maybe I missed that thread?

Back to playing games!


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