The Vince Young (Wonderlic) Top 10

I am going to have to post this without the permission of Scott Carter, who happens to be my boss (cause that is what a good employee does).** He put this together to take a jab at my dad, who just so happens to be a huge Texas fan. I figure a cc is pretty much all the permission I need to post this; plus Scott likes being famous. As background material, Scott and my dad have a bit of a thing going back and forth about Texas (dear old dad) and Georgia (Scott), and this is just too good not to post somewhere …

I am excited for Texas … Any team that wins a national championship with a QB who scores a 6(out of 50) on a Wonderlic test, clearly has the best coaching staff in America. I read a blurb from a reputable scout as follows….”You have to question a player who went as far in college as Vince Young without flunking a course. I think I heard that a score of 6 equates to a 7th grade education.”

To help you out, I thought I would send you my top 10 positive spins on the Vince situation…feel free to use these as you are being barraged by mean people who do not appreciate what Vince brings to the table.

10) What’s wrong with a six? Oscar Davenport got a six and it didn’t seem to hurt his NFL career.(By the way, you may want to check into a follow-up for the question “Who the heck is Oscar Davenport?”)

9) Had Vince scored one lower, he would hold a world record in something.

8) If you multiply Vince’s score by 5, it is only 3 points lower than Tom Brady

7) 7th grade is an academically challenging grade

6) Vince is now qualified for a promising career as a bagboy

5) This score enables Vince to publicly practice his official “see what ha happened wuz” statement

4) Vince would have scored higher, but it was a timed exam and he couldn’t get the answers off of his shoe fast enough….damned cowboy boots!!

3) At least Vince enjoyed his college years, completely unencumbered by the distraction of textbooks….and pencils……….and thinking

2) Draft position is overrated. Anyway, Vince wants to live a more modest lifestyle.

And last but not least, the #1 positive spin you can use with your friends….you knew it was coming….

1) Finally, Quincy Carter looks intelligent!

Seriously, good stuff!

** Scott takes no responsibility for this post. Just in case …


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