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I think there was a lot to write about this week, but just not a lot of time to write. Seems like the same song and dance with gaming; OOTPB 2007 and WoW are about all I have played lately. I figured I better post a quick update (being a blog and all), so here are a few things that make me wonder “WTF were they thinking?”

  • DEI does not cave to the demands of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stupid, stupid move by Teresa. Wicked stepmother? You bet.
  • Vick has an “extra” house full of dogs. Sure Vick never saw a dog he did not want to kick the living crap out of, but he is being taken advantage of by wayward friends and family. In Vick we trust? Uh, not so much.
  • Not to kick a man while he is down, but come on Ricky, lay off the wacky weed. Exhibit A for the dangers of drug addiction and proof that a “little weed is not that big a deal” is just plain wrong.
  • My free subscription to ESPN The Magazine comes complete with a free Insiders subscription to Free if I want to sign up for automatic yearly subscription renewals to The Magazine. No thanks.

This time next Friday I will be on my way for a much needed Gulf coast beach vacation (just west of Panama City, FL). We are also closing in on Memorial Day weekend racing – Monaco, Coca Cola 600, and the Indy 500. Good stuffs!

Happy weekend!


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