Kickoff in less than 20 minutes

I know I predicted the Colts at the beginning of the season (and stood by that prediction last night), but you may want to know why the Colts are my pick. For starters, despite the over exposure of Manning, I actually like the guy, and want to see him do well. I am not an Indianapolis or Chicago fan, and other than being a huge Elway fan, I am always typically an NFC type of guy. Last year was an exception because of the UGA connection on the Steelers was stronger than the Seahawks, but I digress.

Tonight I see the Colts defense continuing its impressive playoff run. I see the Bears defense performing well, but they will be hampered by an offense that cannot make big plays. I think Rex will play a better than average game, but he will be limited to one big play and that will only come after the Bears are down by 13.

I do not see the rain being a factor, and I do not think Manning is going to “choke” in the big game. I think the Bears running game will be solid, but the Colts will actually put up a better performance on the ground.

In the end, the Colts are going to pull away to a 33-17 victory.


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