Disappointing Day in Dallas

The Falcons loss to the Cowboys was disappointing on multiple levels. First, they started off so well, but ended up playing very poorly. Second, something is plain wrong with Turner; maybe he got spent last year. Third, the Falcons are now two games behind the Saints heading into their Monday night showdown in New Orleans.

The Falcons have to be able to run the ball to be successful, but they also have to protect Ryan. They did neither well yesterday. Perhaps more disturbing is was lack of ability to get pressure on Romo, but when they did, they could not complete sacks, which resulted in big scrambles or busted coverage. Speaking of which, the secondary truly sucked yesterday.

Atlanta does have one of the more difficult schedules, and if you told me at the beginning of the year that they had a change to go .500 with teams coming off bye weeks (Bears, Dallas, Washington, Giants) I would have taken my changes.

If the offense can get untracked, they may be able to make up for the short comings on defense, but some of that starts with the running game, which is starting to look like a non factor.


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