Baby Watch

The Official Calvert Baby Watch Number Three has started.  Yesterday Tonya’s doctor told us that boy number three would be here within the week.  Will induce on Friday if baby has yet to show his head (so to speak).

I nervously say ‘baby’ because we have yet to settle on a name.  Lots of possibilities, but nothing we agree on … yet.

If I disappear for a few days, then you know why.

BTW, if anyone ever tells you that a network migration is going to be seamless, then run; really fast.*  [*Comment based solely on imaginary reaction to a comment that never happened, not on some real life observation (i.e. I am throwing out something funny, just to be funny, and not repeating anything that has an basis in fact or anything that just may happen to be based on any real life situation that I may have experienced).


3 thoughts on “Baby Watch”

  1. Holy run-on brackets, Batman!

    Congratulations on the impending arrival, chief – if the naming issue goes to committee then I’m happy to sit on the voting panel…

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