Enjoyable 4E DMG2 Review

I always enjoy a good review. In fact, regardless of my hobby du jour, when I am searching, research, and reading, I always appreciate a finely crafted review. Such is the case this Game Cryer’s review of the 4E Dungeon Master’s Guide 2:

In many ways, this is a true sequel. For example, what seemed to be lacking in the first book was rules for creating traps. This book includes an entire section detailing that particular process, as well as giving additional examples. DMG 2 also provides rules for creating themed monsters and templates for classes in the Player’s Handbook 2. On the other hand, this book is also a venue for Wizards of the Coast to backtrack on previous inadequacies. There’s an extensive chapter on Skill Challenges, providing lots of variation and concrete examples. If you’re critical of the company, you might wonder why this wasn’t included in the original Dungeon Master’s Guide. And then there are areas that, while I gladly welcome them, could easily fall under errata, such as revised formulas for calculating the defenses of Solos and Elites.

If you are already playing (really DM’ing) 4E, you probably already own this guidebook, and while I was not making a purchase decision based on the review (I already own this supplement), I did greatly enjoy the review.


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