I have played MVP 06 NCAA Baseball two out of the last three days. Videogames are fun again; there I said it.

Anchor Steam beer is delicious goodness; costly at about $10 a six-pack, but oh so tasty. Lately I have opted for different cheap beers; the kind of refreshing water with beer flavor types, but Anchor Steam takes me back to my days of being a beer snob.

I have become addicted to That 70’s Show on FX; fun entertainment that is in the perfect time slot (7-8PM) for watching while I read to my youngest son and rock him to sleep. Great line from the other night: “He is soft.” “How soft is he?” “As soft as Liberace at the Playboy mansion.” Juvenile? Yes, but still funny.

Carolina upsets Seattle, and surprising Denver hangs on in a close one over Pittsburg. I think Carolina wins because Coach Fox will out maneuver Holmgren and company. I used to like Denver (T. Davis and Elway and Reeves), but not so much these days. I am not a fan of Pittsburg, but I love Hines Ward. I just like Denver at home.

Nice to see Star Trek: The Next Generation making a run again; weekly at 7PM on G4 TV.

Moving sucks; have to move a dining room set out of storage later this morning. When, oh when will it end?

I have taking up walking to work a couple of days a week. Refreshing, healthy, and saves some money on gas. Walking to work is awesome. 3 miles to work gives me plenty of time to clear my mind and get ready for work. The 3 mile walk back home gives me plenty of time to de-stress before I get home.

Happy weekend!


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