Grossman Goes Down (Here We Go Again)

Not that I am a Bears fan or a Gators fan, but when are we going to say “the hell with preseason” and put a stop to the insanity? Grossman went down with a broken ankle against the St. Louis Rams earlier tonight.

Why not eliminate the preseason, and expand the rosters for several weeks? I say give the teams 10 extra roster spots for weeks 1-4, and 5 extra roster spots weeks 5-10. The practice squad could also be expanded by 5 positions for the first eight weeks of the season. This would give teams plenty of time to evaluate talent, and hold on to guys on the bubble well into the season to compensate for the lack of preseason games.

No one wants their team’s season to go in the ditch in preseason. Sure, it is not much better to have it happen in the first few games, but at least those injuries “count” while the preseason games do not matter for squat.

Take it from a Falcons fan, the NFL preseason sucks.


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