PSP Surfs the Internet

I am sure this is old new to many PSP owners, but WipeOut Pure has a little hack that has been exploited to allow PSP users to surf the Internet. I got around to trying this out over the weekend, and the results were mixed. There is a certain novelty factor to surfing the web on my PSP. That is well and good, but the load times sucked (may be a limitation of my personal wireless network) and many pages would not load correctly, including this one.

I also had trouble with many sites that I wanted to try out – everything from ESPN to IGN had various issues, including some browser lockups. On the plus side, Google works well, so I could read various news updates, and I played around with my dear old friend Usenet (via Google).

I will have to play around some more before I decide one way another about the viability of web surfing on my PSP. It would be nice to get sports, stock, and news updates, as well as access to email, but it is somewhat of a pain to type user names and passwords, much less full length emails. Still, this is an interesting hack to try out, but hopefully Sony will realize that they need an update to support simple email, web surfing, instant messaging, etc. I am sure a lot of PSP owners would pay $19.95 or so, to have a decent integrated internet package for their PSP. Unless of course the hacks start rolling in that provide a better experience.


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