Where is the Love (or Why EBGames Now Sucks)?

Back in the day I was all about GameStop, but they became increasingly frustrating as I attempted to return a game within the 14-day window, which eventually turned to 10-days, and then 2-days. Granted, I have no idea what the return policy is today, but should anyone be hassled for trying to return that South Park monstrosity for the N64 after a couple of hours with the game? “Back to the store! This turkey sucks!”

It was not like I was returning games left and right; maybe three a year, which was nothing considering I was buying 2-3 per month. The twit turnover was much higher than my propensity to purchase games, so I guess I never built up a report with the folks behind the counter.

I eventually gave up on the brick and mortar GameStop stores, and the whole “rush to the mall” scene to see if a new game was out an available pretty much sucked as well. I discovered online shopping, and all was well (eventually). I no longer had to rush around to get a game; much to my wife’s chagrin, game after game magically appeared at our front door. Technically is grand!

After a few months of using GameStop (they seemed like the best option at the time) I realized that they too sucked as much donkey you know whats as the standard mall stores. I guess the same twits that ran the mall stores ran the online business.

I was sick and tired of bad service, high shipping prices, and messed up orders, so I switched to EBGames (at the time known as Electronic Boutique). I was not familiar with the store, but a nice relationship was born. I have loved them for years and years and years. And then some. I even used to PIMP them all the time when Calvert Games took itself half way seriously. But no more. That was then, this is now.

Long story short, EBGames is now charging me GA sales tax, which in my opinion is pretty evil. So I recently went back to GameStop because their shipping charges are reasonable and they do not charge that nasty GA sales tax. So far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed that a new relationship is born, but just in case please feel free to post your internet vendor of choice.


2 thoughts on “Where is the Love (or Why EBGames Now Sucks)?”

  1. i hate eb games. those jerks dont understand anything. they cant count there own fingers. i payed extra to get 3-day shipping well now it is the 6th day and lets just say I AM NOT A SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!! THOSE IMBISULS NEED TO LEARN TO COUNT!!! 6 DAYS IS TWICE AS LONG AS IT SHOULD HAVE!!! ITS NOT THAT HARD TO COUNT!!! U SHOULD BE ABLE TO COUNT HOW LONG 3DAY SHIPPING SHOULD TAKE ON ONE HAND!!! IM AFRAID THAT I MAY HAVE TO TAKE OFF MY SHOES TO COUNT HOW LONG IT HAS TAKEN…. EBGAMES ES ESTUPIDO

  2. Chris – I have used EBGames for years and have never had that sort of problem. The only real reason they pissed me off is because they are now charging sales tax, but other wise no problems at all.

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