Two Pleasant Surprises

First, the June 18, 2007 Sports Illustrated ran a nice four page spread on Lewis Hamilton. I always welcome articles on F1 and Soccer, and of the big three sports magazines, ranked in order of my personal preference – Sporting News, SI, and ESPN The Magazine – SI does the best job of covering (non NASCAR) racing and soccer.

Second, Sony wins major kudos for offering a replacement disk program for their lackluster (according to the experts) Blu-ray Fifth Element release. According to High-Def Digest, Sony is offering to replace the original release with a newly remastered version of the movie:

“Following weeks of rumors, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has finally confirmed the planned release of a remastered version of’The Fifth Element’ for Blu-ray, as well as a “Replacement Exchange Program” for consumers unhappy with the original release.”

“Now, in an extremely rare move, Sony will not only be re-issuing ‘the Fifth Element’ on Blu-ray in a newly remastered version due in stores on July 17, but also offering a “Replacement Exchange Program” for owners of the original version who may be unhappy with their purchase.”

Very nice, and I would say this simple move should go a long way towards winning more Blu-ray support (and Sony goodwill).


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