Yummy Eye Candy … Or Why I Love The UK Press

A tale of two links, and how cultures are so drastically different between the US and UK (at least when it comes to the press). Let’s face it; Americans are prudes when it comes to nudity.

Case in point:


I don’t think I will ever understand why it is OK to show graphical depictions of violent acts (i.e. dead soldiers, bodies from natural disasters, etc.), but we go all numb nuts over a pair of tits.

Lucky for me outlets such as The Sun post delicious Pirelli eye candy goodness without any squeamishness. God made beautiful women to be admired, not censored.

Do I want my boys ogling Kate? Of course not. It’s called responsible parenting. And it has nothing to do with being a prude. If they are clicking on these links, dad will find out … just saying.


4 thoughts on “Yummy Eye Candy … Or Why I Love The UK Press”

  1. also should be noted for those less informed – the sun is britians major newspaper – like the NY TIMES here in the states.

  2. Cool beans – just noticed my gravatar avatar is posted here. This is only hte second thing i have noticed that supports gravatar. Bf3’s battlelog being the other

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