Mel B – Hat Trick Time

I haven’t rolled in the hay with Mel B this week, so Sunday morning I wanted to get in a couple of 15 minute quickie workouts.

The exercise is actually good for me; between the previous weeks with Mel B and helping to run soccer practices, I am actually feeling rather sprightly for old dad gamer rapidly closing in on 41. Ouch. As an added bonus, going with two 15 minute workouts continues to push me forward towards the various Bronze 20 minute workout Trophies.

Besides knocking off ~225 calories, I was pleasantly surprised after the Silver ‘Hat Trick’ Trophy popped (Trophy Ding!!!) for reaching Step Level 80. Nice! Too bad after my Fitness workout, I am still stuck with a Fitness Level of 55.

I am now at 56% complete, and I think within the next 4-6 workouts, the Silver ‘25 Levels Up’ (Raised any category’s Fitness Level by 25) and Silver ‘Professional’ (Reach level 90 in any category) are real possibilities for the next unlocks.

I have no idea how far I am from the 1000 rep Trophies for sit-ups and push-ups. I’ll probably get those at some point, but since Mel B does not keep up with individual reps, I am really not sure when these buggers will pop.


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