Falcons 53 Man Roster. Practice Squad Next.

No huge surprises as the Falcons trimmed their roster down to 53 players on Sat and Sun.

DE Chauncey Davis was cut on Sat; has to be a salary cap causality.

Davis, 6-2, 272 pounds, was originally selected by the Falcons in the fourth round (128th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft. He spent six seasons in Atlanta, totaling 204 tackles (147 solo), 10 sacks, two interceptions, two forced fumbles, eight fumble recoveries and six passes defensed in 95 career games.

This move had been speculated by several sites. Chauncey will be picked up by someone; doubt he will miss a check.

The Sunday cuts included John Parker Wilson, which according to Pat Yasinskas (ESPN NFL South blog) was a surprise.

Wilson could end up back on the practice squad, but this move shows the Falcons aren’t all that high on him. They might be better off looking for a developmental prospect to put on the practice squad. Ryan’s secure as the starter for a long time, but Redman is nothing more than a career backup. It might be time for the Falcons to start developing a new backup.

Not sure why this was a surprise; I wrote about this possibility a couple of weeks ago. Developing QBs normally get three years to push out the backups. JPW may have only received two, but I like the fact that Falcons may be moving on if they don’t see JPW as a viable backup QB. My guess is he ends up on the practice squad unless the Falcons find someone they really like better. Either way, his days in ATL are numbered.


4 thoughts on “Falcons 53 Man Roster. Practice Squad Next.”

  1. Former Bulldog just made the 49ers 53-man roster as an undrafted free agent.

    Good size and good effort in preseason has made him something of a fan favorite. There’s also a feel-good story about some family adopting him, kind of like that Sandra Bullock movie (I didn’t follow that too closely).

    Of course, making the 49ers roster may not be a huge accomplishment. He’s going to have to continue to develop because in the NFL, players who unexpectedly make rosters have to fend off competition every year.

  2. Yeah forgot to put the name in.

    Unless he’s got no athletic ability, hard to figure a guy his size didn’t get drafted at all.

    He certainly has shown athletic ability and a motor but it may have been mostly mop up in the second half of exhibition games.

    But he must have shown something in practice too, though it wouldn’t be hard against the Niners’ OL and DL.

  3. Hopefully Demarcus does well and can at least contribute right out the gate on special teams. If you research draft info for the last couple of years, you will see that UGA players have plenty of talent – their knock seems to be lazy (not good in the NFL) and does not live up to talent potential.

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