Ten Years of Calvert Games?

Almost. calvertgames.com domain was registered September 24, 2001, with a simple Vision:

“With that said, Calvert Games promises to be an interesting ride, and an engaging endeavor. I cannot promise to provide the timeliest reviews, hard-hitting industry news, sneak-peek previews, and gobs of media. I can promise that Calvert Games will provide a no nonsense stance on the industry as a whole, commentary on the happenings at other gaming sites, and informative, opinionated reviews, features, and content.”

I have to post this every once in a while to remind myself of what I was doing two kids ago. Times have changed.

Everyone once in a while I think about taking another crack at getting the site rolling again, taking on the world, going after hit counts, and building up another gaming community; reality always hits me hard. Between work and family life, gaming time is limited, so this blogging format really is the way to go. At least for now.

Before reality hit (in other words, this was never going to happen), back in late May or early June I was going to post that over the summer, leading up to the Recycle Bin’s Ten Year Anniversary bash, I planned to re-publish a serious of retrospective articles and reviews. These reviews were lost in the annuals of the old site format(s). Anyone remember the original Mickey Mouse look and feel, or Nuke and the subsequent hack attacks that caused me to shut down the site?

Maybe I will get my retrospective hat on during the course of the year leading up to year number eleven. Doubt it; probably not going to happen … but never say never.

Glory days …


5 thoughts on “Ten Years of Calvert Games?”

  1. Hacking stopped once I went away from the old format … guess wordpress is not worth the effort.

    I blew up the site around Joshua’s b-day; I remember it happening around … maybe on his 8th b-day. Will have to go back and check on that. He turned 13 last week!

  2. I wonder why someone would target CG… We weren’t overly harsh on anything – certainly nothing like the old SportsReviewers site. I don’t get people sometimes…

  3. re ‘hack attacks’ – Three guesses. First, because of the software the site was an easy target. I remember reading at the time that other nuke sites were prone to attack. Second, we were honest with reviews, opinions, etc. Sometimes people really don’t appreciate honesty in high doses. Third, the forums were really just become popular, which further exposed the site to someone becoming disgruntled.

    Then again, someone may have kept attacking the site (remember, there were multiple instances – it was just the one on Joshua’s b-day that was the last straw for me) just for fun. I just don’t remember it being so fun …

    Of course you are back if I ever got a burr up my pipe and decided to give it another go. For that matter, you could actually write stuff now if you ever felt the need (just let me know).

    I’m not even sure how many folks visit the site … except for a handful of folks that either post comments (all three of you) and the occasional email comment.

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