Gold Cup Final. Can the U.S. beat Mexico?

This is (obviously) one of those games where I think I put my heart more into things than looking at the palpable facts. The U.S. may have made it to the finals by an undesired path, but they are in the Gold Cup final, which was what was expected of this team. Can they win?

Of course I want the U.S. to win, and while some improvements were made over Jamaica and Panama, I just see this team lacking in too many key areas. I have written too much of late about the lack of finishing ability and lapses on defense that cannot be allowed on a top International contender. I think Mexico will expose our defense, but there could be some hope.

The one lingering thought in the back of my mind is that at some point the U.S. has to start getting some luck and actually putting the ball the net. If quality chances continue, it is bound to happen sooner or later, right?

The other hope (and it is probably little more than a false hope) is that Mexico is tired after having to advance by going to extra time against Honduras. If the U.S. actually has fresher legs, and if they can avoid some of their historically stupid blunders to start the game (and the opening minutes of the second half), Team U.S.A. could have a decent chance to win the Gold Cup.

I just think they will have to play the perfect game, which is not really a good go in strategy. It is hugely unfortunate that the finals will be in the Rose Bowl; the crowed will be hostile towards the U.S.

Of course I want the U.S. to win, but do I expect them to win? Honestly, it is hard to say, even after spending the last few minutes asking the same question. I think the U.S. does have a chance, but they do have to control the pace, finish, and not have any horrendous gaffs.

Go U.S.A!


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