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Tomorrow I should receive a new bundle of joy, hope, and expense from Amazon (via Prime Release Day Delivery). Yes, I decided to Move. I picked up the Move Starter Bundle (Move controller, Eye Toy, Sports Champion), Move Navigation controller, an extra Move controller, and a Sony branded Charging Station.

Will this be worth the money? No idea, but I figured just for shits and giggles I would give the Move a go and see where things land.

I decided not to pick up any additional games for now. Something like NBA 2K11 or even Tiger Woods, just to see how this puppy will handle a “serious” sports game, may be worth a flyer in the future. I wonder how that John Daly game is going to end up; garbage quick cash in, or actually decent?

I would love to try something like Cabela’s North American Adventures 2011 with the Move, but for some inexplicable reason, it does not look like the Move is supported. In fact, reviews, info, opinions, or anything else for that matter are hard to come by on the newest Cabela release. I guess it is just “shoot the animals; you know the drill, but this time in HD.”

I know that Heavy Rain will get an update; same for HVB, which should invigorate this PSN classic. I am not sure if any of my other titles will receive Move patches, but MLB 10: The Show would make for interesting Move support.

I will try to post a few updates over the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Move Me”

  1. How much was that bundle?

    Yeah golf or tennis would be the obvious games to try out. But if it’s anything like the Wii, it’s not 1 to 1 motion.

    Only reason I would try the Move is if a setup came way way down in price and I got sick of the DS3 controllers breaking down. I’ve worn out the left sticks on two of them already and I don’t like paying $50 a pop to replace these fragile things.

    Not sure that the Move would be more durable but presumably there’s not as many moving parts or stress points. Well I guess the moving parts would be your joints.

  2. The move bundle is $99.99 – or $33 for the Move, $33 for the Eye Toy, and $33 for Sports Championship. Expensive? Probably, but looking at it in terms of $33 x 3, not really.

    I think the regular Move controller is $49.99, which is more or less the price of a regular plain jane dual shock six axis controller, so more or less a push.

    Will find out more tomorrow. I think I will probably pick up PSN Tumble which is $9.99 … not sure what else Move related is in my future.

  3. Hmm, I might bite if the bundle drops to $75.

    As long as I can do it sitting down if I want to. That’s what Kinect doesn’t allow.

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