Site Slowdown – Scotland or Bust!

I am going to be off line much of the week, working in Edinburgh. Been there before; hope to have some good ale along the way in the fine drinking establishments.

This is the second time I have been in the UK during the World Cup. Last time I was in London; I guess the Scottish crowd will not give much thought to England’s hopes and dreams. I am bummed that I will miss the U.S. / Algeria game, which will probably be ending about the time we are wrapping up work for the day on Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Site Slowdown – Scotland or Bust!”

  1. London is somewhat tempting. Exchange rate on the pound is less than what it was when I visited in 2006.

    Bon voyage!

  2. Work is a lot different than vacation. Weather was actually nice, and it was a blast watching some of the games in the pubs. Even though I was in Scotland, there were plenty of folks interested in Wednesday’s games, which turned out great for the US. I bet England would rather play Ghana than Germany!

    Safe and sound back home, watching Chile vs. Spain.

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