Realism, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and the Wii

I never thought I would tag “realism” and the Wii in the same heading, but here we go. This brief review from joystiq caught my attention.

For veteran golfers, MotionPlus provides an expert level of precision that not only calls for practiced, realistic swinging, but it also makes the experience feel less like a game and more like a sport. You don’t control ball spin in the air — everything boils down to your swing and knowledge of how real-world golf is played. It’s a leap forward for me, who’s used to dealing with analog stick putting and driving.

Of course everyone has a different opinion on what equates to fun and a realistic gaming experience. If EA has somehow managed to make a semi-realistic experience on the Wii, moving beyond the gimmick phase of all things Wii, then I am impressed. Not that I am a golfer, but my kids would love to tear into something like this!


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