FIFA 2010 ships

I love Amazon’s Prime Release Day shipping service. FIFA 2010 will be here today for a grand total of $56.99. If you do the math, this comes out to $56.99 for the game + $0 shipping + $0 sales tax. Not a bad deal!


2 thoughts on “FIFA 2010 ships”

  1. Wasn’t sure about this game. Early complaints in the UK about ping pong passing and defenders being able to catch up to any striker in the game.

    But still suppose to have enhancements over 09. And looks like already a lot of people have migrated from 09 online to 10. Fewer people online playing 09 on the PS3.

    So I’ll have to get it.

  2. I did not get to play the game last night … got home too late. I just posted an article about the metacritic scores. Right now the user votes are 7.2, which may have something to do with your comments above. I have passed on FIFA the last few years so I am excited about this one.

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