Mum’s the word on PSPgo

It would appear that no one, not even Sony has anything nice to say about the new PSPgo. GamerTell thinks they know why Sony is so silent on the PSPgo – because it is doing terrible.

The PSPgo debuted October 1, 2009. It’s been out for nearly two weeks and Sony has yet to start gloating about the system’s sales. There were no first two- or three-day sales figures reported. Sony hasn’t even released first-week sales figures. This leaves consumers to wonder whether or not the PSPgo is really doing all that well.

Let’s be honest, other than writing about the excitement of the forthcoming system, and the anticipation of getting something new, I have not really had a whole lot of kind words for the PSPgo. I doubt that will change until I get one. Like I said, I am being honest. The price point completely sucks.


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